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Bersan - Côtes d'Auxerre Rouge 2020

21750 kr

Bottle size: 0.75

Area name: Burgundy

Country: France

Wine type: Red wine

Recommended for: Light meat dishes, poultry, mushrooms and charcuterie

Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir

Organic: Yes

Winery: Domaine Bersan

Product description
Côtes d'Auxerre ”Pinot Noir” exhibits fruity tones that are strongly reminiscent of the dark local cherry, which many wine producers also grow alongside their vineyards. In addition, there are a number of tertiary nuances, nuances in wine due to storage and/or ageing; for example wood, vanilla, smoke, mushrooms/truffle, spices, hung meat from aging in oak barrels. The wine seems relatively developed already now. This is an indication of a moderate use of sulphur. Year in picture does not match.