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Doquet-Brut Grand Cru Mesnil 2009

93000 kr

Bottle size: 0.75
Area name: Champagne
Country: France
Wine type: Bubbles
Recommended for: Aperitif, shellfish, oysters, prawns, light fish dishes, sushi, rockfish roe, mild cheeses
Grapes: 100% Chardonnay
Organic: Yes
Winery: Pascal Doquet

This vintage champagne is made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes harvested in 2009. The wine has gone through 8 years of aging in Pascal Doquet's cellar and has thus developed the fantastic palette of aromas and flavors that the wines from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger can offer.

The wine is produced without malolactic fermentation [: conversion of the sharp malic acid to the gentler lactic acid, caused by lactic acid bacteria, the wine becomes rounded and more complex in taste. Malolactic fermentation can be avoided if the producer wishes to preserve the primary character and acidity of the grape.:], which means that it has also retained some of its original fruitiness and freshness.