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Buisson - Pommard Les Petits Noizons 2020

57750 kr

Bottle size: 0.75

Area name: Burgundy

Country: France

Wine type: Red wine

Recommended for: Game, Charcuterie, Veal, Beef and Pig. Otherwise just enjoy it.

Grapes: 100% Pinot noir

Organic: Yes

Winery: Doamaine Henri & Gilles Buisson

Located in the middle of the hill at an altitude of 310 meters, this 30-year-old vineyard overlooks Pommard's leading crus. To the south, on the Beaune side, this terroir belongs to the most charming part of the appellation. The quintessence of Pinot Noir, this wine celebrates the balanced marriage of power and elegance. Rich, tasty, characterized by spicy notes, this Pommard offers great depth. If Pommard is an appellation known for its wines to please, "Les Petits Noizons" will also please palates from an early age.