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Domaine La Source du Ruault

Facts and wines

The small domain "La Source du Ruault" is located in the village of Varrains, which is 9 km. south of Saumur, in the central Loire. The domain mainly produces red wine under the Saumur-Champigny appellation, as well as some white wine with the Saumur appellation. It is Jean-Noël Millon who is the current owner and who continues the tradition that his family started 7 generations ago. Jean-Noël has a natural approach to production. He works organically and follows as much as possible the biodynamic principles such as the rhythm of the moon and homeopathic treatments. In the cellar, he is a supporter of de-stemming, which makes the red wines juicy and available even when they are young. The use of sulfites is always kept to a minimum and completely avoided whenever possible. The different cuvées reflect the domain's terroirs, where the soil varies between sandy soil, calcareous soil and a lime-clay mixture. The soil greatly affects the structure of the wine and the impression of weight you get when you drink it, from light to deep and full-bodied.

Red wine
  • Saumur-Champigny 2015 100% Cabernet franc
  • Saumur-Champigny 2014 "Le Champ Fou" 100% Cabernet Franc

White wine
  • Saumur "La Coulée d'Aunis" 2014 100% Chenin blanc