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Fattoria Lavacchio

Facts and wines

The estate was built in 1700 by a noble Florentine Peruzzi family. In 1840, the property was sold to the Marchesi Strozzi Sacrati house and was owned by the influential family until 1978, when the current owners from Genoa bought it. The Lottero family, who had always been in love with Tuscany, started a program to restore the area and the buildings so they could ensure a better quality wine. Since then, the estate has become a family-owned farm, devoted to the cultivation and production of organic wine and olive oil, preserving the agricultural traditions and methods with the most modern technologies. Today, the whole family is involved in the decisions that contribute to the growth of the estate: from the smallest who have always inspired new wines and their names, to those who actively work and those who live far away, who are always present and never miss the opportunity to gather with the family in this magical place. In the manor's gardens stands a century-old Lebanese cedar tree, which bears witness to the past, present and future and has become the symbol of Fattoria Lavacchio Agriturismo.

Buy their wines here

  • Cedro Chianti Rufina docg 2017 90% Sangiovese 5% Canaiolo 5% Ciligiolo
  • Puro Chianti docg 2016 100% Sangiovese
  • Cedro Riserva Chianti Rufina docg 2015 90% Sangiovese 10% Merlot
  • Puro Riserva Chianti docg 2016 100% Sangiovese
  • Ludié Chianti Rufina docg 2011 100% Sangiovese
  • Fontegalliigt Toscana 2012 60% Merlot 40% Syrah


Respect for ancient traditions combined with modern technology.

The estate is located on top of the Montefiesole hill 450 meters above sea level, only 18 km from Florence. It is located in the charming landscape of gentle hills in the Chianti Rufina area, rich in vineyards and olive groves with good ventilation and plenty of sun.

Fattoria Lavacchio extends over 110 ha, of which 44 ha are olive groves,

29 ha are vineyards, 6 ha are wheat and 9 ha are wooded forest where you can find truffles!

There is also a wide productive garden with fruit and vegetables. From the beginning, we have always tried to find harmony between our own activity and

The natural balance

Among wineries in the Chianti Rufina production area, they have been the first to embrace programs for organic cultivation and for the production of wine without sulfites.

While maintaining the best organic farming and production traditions, the farm has been constantly evolving by combining these traditional methods with the most advanced technology. That is why they continuously research new systems to ensure an increase in the quality of products and services they offer.

Quality is their primary goal

Their vineyards lie 450 meters above sea level in the south-southeast. The majority of the vineyards are modern and the planting density ranges between 3400 and 6800 vines per hectare. ha. The selected pruning systems are sparred cord and pine. In the vineyards, they use only organic substances and no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They ask nature to cooperate: they use the natural environment that increases productivity, legumes are planted to fix nitrogen in the soil, insects and predators are encouraged and varieties are varied. The grapes are carefully selected

through green pruning and green harvesting as well. They are manually picked and the yield per ha is very low and ranges between 4 and 6 tons. Approximately 80 percent of the vineyards are composed of selected clones of Sangiovese.

The other red wines include Merlot, Canaiolo, Ciliegiolo and in the younger vineyards, Syrah.

Their range of red wines includes:

FIRST Chianti without added sulphites, Chianti Rufina and Super Tuscan.

The wine

All cultural and cellar operations are realized with the aim of producing a high quality wine that reflects its territory with style and personality. For this reason, a balance between traditional methods and modern technologies, research has been carried out in every phase of production: the grapes are carefully selected through green pruning and green harvesting. The harvest is done by hand according to the old traditions to get the best product. All our wines originate from natural fermentation, i.e. without yeast, and media contain one third of the amount of sulphites accepted by the EU regulation. The limited production imposed by organic cultivation guarantees above all a better quality year after year. Products are only suggested in the years in which they reach the examined quality level. The combination of the land, rich in structure and marl together with the harsh climate, contributes to the high quality level of our wine. Our wines have an exceptionally long life. They combine their natural elegance and complex bouquet with a fantastic character and personality. They have received prestigious international reviews and the press has unanimously recognized that Fattoria Lavacchio's wines have their own place in the spectrum of Tuscan wines. Their current selection stems from a thorough experience in the vineyard and cellars, which allowed them to maximize the uniqueness of Sangiovese and discover among the many varieties, those that adapt best to the microclimate characteristic of our land. Organic