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Facts and wines

At the head of Domaine Fournier is the young wine talent Laurent Fournier, one of the most talented and ambitious young producers in the area. The domain was certified in 2011, the same year that Laurent was named young talent of the year. Here, first and foremost, dark and approachable red wines are produced, which can be enjoyed young, but which later develop great complexity and terroir character. The 18 ha. however, organically cultivated vineyards also supply grapes for excellent white and rosé wines – here you can find both Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Beurot and Aligoté.

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  • Bourgogne Rouge 2014 100% Pinot noir

Domaine Jean Fournier is managed by Laurent Fournier. Despite his young age, he already has a solid amount of experience as a winemaker. He was educated in Beaune and gained some of his practical experience with the Moueix family in Pomerol, where he was associated with Château La Fleur-Pétrus.


In 2011, Laurent Fournier was awarded the prestigious "Trophée des Jeunes Talents", a recognition that goes to the best young winegrower in the Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune and Côte Chalonnaise respectively. The domain consists of 18 ha. vineyards. The majority is in the Marsannay appellation and produces primarily red wines, but also white wines and rosé. In addition, Domaine Fournier owns fields in Gevrey-Chambertin, Fixin and Côtes de Nuits Villages. The fields have been cultivated organically since the beginning of the 2000s, and the domain was certified in 2011.


Marsannay is the northernmost commune in the Côte de Nuits. For historical reasons, it is far from being as well known as Gevrey-Chambertin and Morey-Saint-Denis, which are only a few kilometers to the south. During the last 10-15 years, a handful of ambitious manufacturers, including Laurent Fournier, proved that the wines from Marsannays can easily compare with the best wines in Burgundy. Fortunately for us, prices in Marsannay are still quite a bit lower than for wines from the rest of the Côte de Nuits. This makes the wines from Domaine Fournier exceptionally good buys.

The unique quality and personality of Domaine Fournier's wines is due to some really good terroirs, quality vines with a long age and not least a very dedicated work, where the winegrower is close to his vines to ensure perfectly healthy grapes. During the entire process – from the field to the bottle – it is a myriad of small details that make the big difference. It is impressive to hear the professional pride that drives the domain, and to experience how the producer constantly tries to adapt to the vintage's special conditions in order to make the perfect wine.

According to Laurent Fournier himself, he tries to unite the following elements in his wines: concentration, terroir character, purity and balance. This is primarily achieved in the fields and supported in the cellar with careful sorting, precise vinification and a limited use of sulphites, as well as aging in large oak barrels ("Demi-Muids"). These slowly oxygenate the wines, rounding them off and supporting their ability to age without leaving them with the taste of oak barrels.

Caravinsérail was founded in 2002, with the aim of spreading awareness of this still too unknown wine region, which produces some extremely interesting wines – not least when you take the low prices into account. The house does not own vineyards and does not produce any grapes, but instead buys wines from a handful of carefully selected winegrowers and markets them under its own label.

This is a classic négociant model, where an actor with market expertise buys the goods from those who are good at producing them, but do not necessarily have the sales opportunities or the desire to do so. Caravinsérail differs from many other négociants by its small size (only approx. 150,000 fl. / per year) and its focus from the start on the Ventoux area, which is based on the very strong local expertise of the founders.

Caravinsérail offers a range of wonderful wines – from the charming and uncomplicated to the more ambitious – that perfectly illustrate what Ventoux has to offer: intense southern wines with a fresh and balanced character, at very attractive prices.

Ventoux – an attractive area with excellent, balanced wines at low prices

The freshness in the wines comes from the cool air currents created by the high mountain. In a period of significant climate warming, when many wines from Southern France, and Southern Europe in general, have challenges with high alcohol percentages and heaviness, the freshness of the wines from Ventoux is a major advantage for these wines.

The extremely attractive prices are not due to a lack of quality, but probably mostly – still today and despite undeniable commercial successes – a lack of knowledge of the area and its potential as well as a lack of a clear image among consumers and opinion makers. The best wines from here therefore constitute (while they last) some of the best value-for-money in the entire Rhône valley.

Caravinsérail – a house under change

We have had the pleasure of working with Caravinsérail since 2004 and have had considerable success with their wines, among other things in the restaurant market. We also happen to have a small influence on its history. During a dinner in Copenhagen in 2013, where we had invited him and a few others, the current owner told us that he wanted to sell the company. Also sitting at the table was Xavier Logette, who is the export manager for another of our suppliers, Château Gigognan, in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The two sounded good together, and after a few years of collaboration, Xavier Logette has taken over Caravinsérail.

This will mean some interesting changes for the house, which will expand its range with wines from several other places in the southern Rhône and in Provence, as well as an even greater focus on organic wines - something we like about Terroir Wine Shop!

It will therefore be exciting to follow Caravinsérail's development in the coming months and years.