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Doquet Vertus premier Cru 2006

56250 kr

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Bottle size: 0.75

Area name: Champagne

Country: France

Wine type: Champagne

Recommended for: Aperitif, light fish dishes, poached oysters, fish roe, herbs, smoked cheese

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

Organic: No

Winery: Pascal Doquet

Due to the presence of clay in the chalky soil, the terroir in Vertus produces a wine that is usually welcoming and relatively soft. The fresh taste is emphasized by a low dosage; addition of a sweet liquid (typically sugar and a little wine) to adjust the sweetness of the champagne, which leaves an extremely elegant wine. The long maturation of almost 10 years in Pascal Doquet's cellar, in turn, has allowed it to develop a multitude of fine nuances, which make this wine a great champagne.